Escapade is a new adventure park for extreme sports, opening in August 2015. Escapade needs a website to attract visitors to the adventure park.
The website must appeal to families and youth groups who plan to visit the adventure park.
The basis for the content and information for the website can be found in the ASSETS folder.
Overall site requirements
• Five pages:
º home page
º about us page
º activities page, which links to:
• tree tops escapade page
• junior escapade page.
• Content must be visible without scrolling at a resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels.
• Facts about Escapade, which should be taken from the INFO.rtf file. This text may be edited.
• Images to be taken from the ASSETS folder, which may be edited.
Accessibility features for visually impaired users.
• A consistent design across the website.
Other requirements

Page template
A banner including a suitable image and the company logo. The banner should extend to the full width of the page.
The LOGO.png image can be found in the IMAGES folder.
A navigation bar linking to the three main pages. The navigation bar should contain:
• home page button (background colour of button set to #3399cc)
• about us page button (background colour of button set to #ff6633)
• activities page button(background colour of button set to #ffcc33).
A footer including:
• a smaller version of the logo
• the email address linking to
• the Facebook icon linking to
• the Twitter icon linking to
The Facebook and Twitter icons can be found in the IMAGES folder.
File formats
Images to be in .png format and each individual image must be less than 250 KB.
Video file to be in .mp4 or .m4v format.
From the BROCHURE.png image create a graphical image that:
• shows only the front cover of the brochure
rolls over to an image of just one other page from the brochure. The rollover image should be exactly the same size as the front cover image
• is included on the activities page. The BROCHURE.png image can be found in the IMAGES folder.
School trips
Using your HTML and CSS coding skills, create a box on the about us page. It should:
• have a height of 400px and a width of 300px
• have a background colour of #ff6633
• contain information about school trips to Escapade
• contain SCHOOL_TRIPS.png, which should be positioned on the right of the text. The text should wrap around the image.
The information on school trips can be found in the INFO.rtf file. The SCHOOL_TRIPS.png can be found in the IMAGES folder.
How to find us
Insert the HOW_TO_FIND_US.bmp, onto the about us page. The inserted image should be in .png format and must be less than 250 KB.
The HOW_TO_FIND_US.bmp image can be found in the IMAGES folder.
The video should be embedded on the home page. The video should play only on click.
The VIDEO.avi can be found in the ASSETS folder.
You must design and create a website for the Escapade adventure park.
You will need to create a page template to ensure consistency.
You must include the requirements specified in the client brief.
You should create a logical folder structure for your site files.
In Activity 2, you will need to explain your design decisions, justify your choices and suggest further improvements as part of your evaluation.
Activity 1
Design, build and test the website.
Note: you do not need to check any external links. (44)
Activity 2
Complete an evaluation of your website using the document EVALUATION.doc (6)
(Total for Task = 50 marks)